Bitskan Infotech

BITSKAN is an Indian Information & Technology enabled Company based in Mumbai, commenced operation with a motto "Pouring Computer Knowledge To All" in 2000. Along with the Computer education BITSKAN launched its 2 major products; School Curriculum based Software(SCS) and School Administrative Software(SAS). Later it stretch its feet and become Consultants for School's Computer Education also, which takes care of each and every aspect related to Computer labs, syllabus and course material. See More....

Student Entry

This System Stores Student's General Information.

Fee Collection

This System Stores Student's Fee Information.

Marks Entry

This System Stores Marks Scored by Student's.

Library System

This System Stores Details of Books issued to Student's.

Account System

This System Stores Account Information of various Units.

Admission System

This System Stores Information of Admission Taken for various Courses.